Write a letter to a friend inviting him her in your elder brother marriage ceremony

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Write a letter to a friend inviting him her in your elder brother marriage ceremony


Answer:51, Dinesh BandeMumbai23rd April 2018Dear nehaI hope this letter of mine will find you find you in the best of your health and spirits. I am dropping you a line with happy news. You will be glad to know that my brother’s marriage is taking place on 22th May’18.It will give me great pleasure if you and your family come to attend this wedding ceremony at Aura Club and Lawns, on 2th May at 7:00 PM. The reception will be held at our residence at 6 P.M. the next day.I hope you will grace the occasion with your presence. Please convey my best regardsRead more on Brainly.in – brainly.in/question/2248394#readmore

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