Q what is chara and describe general characters?

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Q what is chara and describe general characters?


Asnwer :- ==>> Chara :- ==>>Biological classification of Chara :- Division :- Thallophyta Sub division :- Algae Class :- CharophyceaeOrder :- Charales Family :- Characeae Genus :- Chara ==>>Occurrence of Chara :-This is a fresh water form, which generally grows submerged in water and remain attached to the bottom with the help of rhizoids. Some species like chara battica may be found in Saline water. ==>>Structure of Chara :- The plant body of Chara is much compliance and remains attached to the mud with the help of multicellular rhizoids. The plants may attain height of 20-30cms and it’s main axis is long, cylindrical and branches structure. It is differentiated into nodes and intendes. The node bear two types of branches. 1. Branches of limited growth :- These are. present in a whirl around nodes. The branches of two nodes alternative with each other. Each branch of this type is having 5-15 intendes and nodes. 2. Branches of Unlimited growth :- These types of branches arises in the axil of leaves present on the nodes of main axis or lateral branches. ==>>Reproduction of Chara :- Chara may reproduce by following two methods: (i) Vegetative reproduction :- The mature plants of Chara may form different types of out -growth which on separation develop into new plant’s. (ii) Sexual Reproduction :- In Chara, sexual reproduction is of oogamous type. The male and female sex organs of Chara are complex in structure and organisations than other members of green algae.======================I hope it’s help you……..!!! :)✌️✌️

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