Essay on my village 200 words

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Essay on my village 200 words


The name of my village is Sarahara. It is a big and ancient village. It is situated in the district of Sant Kabir Nagar Utter Pradesh. It is 14 Km from city Khalilabad and 49 Km from Gorakhpur. The village receives abundant water for irrigation from canal of Rapti river. This village also have nearness to river of Mukhalishpur. Our village is very much practical in sense of social and human relationship for which village is known to us for loving it. Our village is self-controlled and self reliant in many cases. There are sufficient green field all around it for growing more than sufficient granary for whole population of our village. Actually our village granary production have exporting talent that means it produce excess to sell it for others. Our village also has big five numbers of garden at its three sides which have varieties of trees. It gives us all seasonal fruits to us. It makes us feel very pleasant in summer by providing cool shed. The farmers have great protection in summer season. There are three schools and one Madarsa. Out of them two schools are of Hindi medium one is of English medium and Madarsa have Urdu and Hindi both medium up to 8Th standard. The village people are not very poor. The village has various income through its people. Many of this village people are engineer and doctor. The village also has many teachers and lawyers . So the income is from agriculture as well as from service men and businessmen also. The only problem is that there is less labour force. It is because of involvement of many people in NREGA plan provided by government of India. It is the 100 days guarantee employment program in a year to BPL people. The great thing is that this program has high transparency in our village. And our village poor people are very happy. There is very much peace and brotherhood among all the communities of our village. I am saying this because there are Hindu and Muslim in equal ratio. But for many years the village has great inter-relationship of people. The people remains always united for the benefit and growth of the village. I am very proud of my village.

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